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Newton Preparatory School Mission Statement

Sometimes the best way to find out about a school is to read or hear what people outside the school have said.

The first port of call should be to read official reports on the school.

ISI Regulatory Compliance Report 2017

Our most recent report is the Independent Schools Inspectorate's (ISI) Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report from October 2017, where we met all compliance standards. The report, which focuses merely on compliance and regulations, is short, since there are no regulatory failings, and can be downloaded below. 

"I am delighted that we have met ISI's rigorous compliance standards," said Mrs Fleming in November 2017, "all of which are echoed in our philosophy of excellence in all that we do here at Newton Prep."

Newton Prep's ISI Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report 2017


ISI Full Report 2013

The Independent Schools Inspectorate Report (October 2013) says that Newton Prep 'successfully provides a challenging education, preparing all pupils academically and personally for the next stage in their education'. 

It judges the achievement of pupils to be 'excellent', as is their attitude to learning. The children's personal development and their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness are all excellent too. The report notes that 'relationships between staff and pupils are extremely positive and all staff provide excellent pastoral care'. Newton Prep 'promotes excellent relationships with parents which are characterised by strong lines of communication'.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) carried out their inspection under the arrangements of the Independent Schools Council (ISC) Associations for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of its membership which includes Newton Prep. 

The ISI is accredited as the body approved for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to ISC Associations and reporting on compliance with the Education Regulations by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills.  

Newton Preparatory School's ISI Inspection Report 2013 (103kb)


Please find below unsolicited testimonials from parents, pupils and other sources.

Gabbitas Consultant Review

Founded in 1873, Gabbitas is one of the most esteemed and respected independent education consultancies in the world, here is what one of their consultants had to say about Newton Prep.

"This is an excellent and caring school. Newton Prep is an academic oasis, with a proven record of great pastoral care and real interest in the students’ welfare. Children are encouraged, within a carefully structured environment, to show initiative, to be proud of their individuality and to be committed to the learning process.

Great attention has been paid to ensure quality staffing and excellent resources and pupils go on with confidence to the top senior schools. Feedback from pupils we have recommended to Newton has been very complimentary and Parents are always made to feel welcome. Education, after all, is a partnership and Newton endorses this sentiment whole-heartedly"

Satisfied parents

Extracts of correspondence received from satisfied parents:

"It has been such a 100% positive experience both for the children and for the parents, we are so extremely happy with the school. For us Newton Prep School has been "love at first sight" and we have not been disappointed, on the contrary, the experience has gone beyond our expectations!

The children have made very impressive progress since they started school. It is clearly visible in the children's work, the classrooms, the reports and files, that a lot of thought, energy, time and love is being invested in preparing and planning the lessons, structuring the main subjects for each term and in recording each child's progress very carefully. [Our children] are very enthusiastic every morning, looking forward to going to school, which is a blessing! For myself it is also a joy every day to come to the school, all the teachers and parents are very friendly, it is a kind, loving, very positive environment.” [current parents]

"We would like to thank you for selecting such an outstanding group of teachers... enabling these talented young men and women to pursue their careers with both enthusiasm and excellence. This has made such a difference in our daughter's life. We once again have a smiling happy child who loves school!" [current parents]

"Words are (almost) inadequate to express our gratitude to both yourself and Newton Prep as a whole in respect of what you have achieved for our son in such a very short period of time. To be able to take a boy from the French system and provide him with everything he needed to received an offer from a school of KCS' stature in little more than two school terms is a remarkable achievement. Furthermore, we have been aware throughout this period that far from simply cramming our son with the academic materials that were required, your staff have also been able to develop his social awareness and numerous other skills. We can say that, without exception, all our dealings with your school have left us without the slightest doubt as to our very good fortune in entrusting our son to your care." [current parents] 

"...we will all miss terribly Newton Prep. It has been for all of us a fantastic journey, and its memory will stay in the girls heart for the rest of their lives. Hopefully we will keep in touch. I would like to take this opportunity to say what a magnificent wonderful remarkable and impressive school Newton Prep is. Its teachers have been absolutely amazing and top class. The happy and sparkling atmosphere you feel in Newton Prep is so uplifting, positive, and it has been a true delight to watch all the children so thrilled and overjoyed to go to school.

We all know how academic Newton Prep is, but I also want to point out how wonderful and truly unique you have also managed to set a top artistic and creative atmosphere, creating a stimulating and inspirational environment with a invigorating, heartening, exciting and influential visionary flavors.  Some children have been truly inspired and have managed to express their true talents. 

Congratulations for the outstanding job you have achieved!  You should be very proud! ..."
[Parent of pupils in Years 3 & 6]


“I’m writing to tell you how much I appreciate the incredible amount of work that [the head of art] has put into preparing my daughter for the art scholarship. She has a life long love of art, but since coming to Newton she has benefitted enormously from 2 years of art extension classes, and nurturing and encouragement beyond our expectations.”
[Current parent]

“We are so grateful to you and to all your team for everything you have done for our children during this academic year, for the friendly atmosphere in your school, warm reception of our children and smooth transition into the new environment for them. Adaptation period after our move to London was very important and difficult for our children, but they successfully went through that thanks to highly professional teachers in your esteemed school.”
[Year 1 and Year 7 parent from overseas] 

“We have been impressed by your commitment to teamwork and to integrating parents into that team... We chose Newton Prep because we wanted an environment for [our child] that balanced developing individual academic strengths with a commitment to pastoral care. The amount and the quality of effort that you have put in, however, is much more than we had even hoped for.”
[New parent]

“I just wanted to send a quick thank you note to you. My son is loving Newton Prep - he started Reception a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday he told me that it is the BEST SCHOOL IN THE WORLD which is incredible. I wanted to thank you for supporting us through the application process and being a friendly voice at the end of the telephone when needed."
[New parent]

"I just wanted to thank you again for your thoughtful input last term and to say that we continue to regard Newton as a distinctive and impressive establishment - long may it continue."
[Upper School parent, following the Senior School transfer process]

"...Re: Open Day ... Just a short email to say thank you very much for the warm welcome on Friday morning.  Our guide, T (Ed: Year 8 boy), was enthusiastic and answered all my questions.  I had a brief word with the Deputy Head about my daughter joining in Years 7 & 8 and I came away with a lot to think about!  The morning was very interesting and helpful towards reaching a decision. ..."

[Open Day visitor] 

Extract of correspondence received from a recent trial pupil:

Thank you for inviting me to Newton Prep. I especially enjoyed ICT, Religious Studies, Maths and PE and I think it is a terrific school. I am sad I didn't get to do Science or Art, but Miss Tan took me to those rooms after school and I loved seeing them. I also loved the fish and chips and beans for lunch on Friday. I enjoyed the testing on the last day, but definitely not as much as the classes. Christmas sewing activity was also really fun.

Miss Tan was really nice to me and is one of the funniest teachers I¹ve ever had. Please say thank you to her from me and please say goodbye to Isabella because I didn¹t get a chance to.

I appreciate that you made sure I was all right while I was there. Thank you for being so friendly to me.

Have a jolly, wonderful Christmas. ..."
[Trial pupil]

Other compliments

Extracts of complimentary correspondence from others who have recently visited Newton Prep:

"I did want to thank you for making me so welcome at Newton Prep. Frankly I was ‘stunned’ – what an amazing job you have done – not only by making such terrific use of the fantastic facilities but also for the calm relaxed yet purposeful way all the children moved around school. They were lovely open pupils which I find quite unusual in the so called ‘pressured’ London environment. The staff I met looked proud of their children and the school. It was a joy to visit! Thank you for taking so much time. Looking forward to seeing you next week."

[From a recent Chairman of IAPS]

"Thank you very much for an excellent visit to Newton Prep… I was greatly impressed by the politeness and purposefulness of the children, the warmth of the staff, and the vision of the building plans!"

[Visiting Headteacher, Feb 2011]

What pupils say

Comments from some Year 3 pupils:

"I like the classrooms because they are really big and there is lots of stuff to do"

"It's really fun because we get to learn to write in different languages - even hieroglyphics!"

"I like Newton Prep because there are lots of people in the school from different countries."

"I like this school because it is really fun and there are lots of nice people to look after us."

"At Newton Prep there's lots of fantastic food and a library as big as a lorry!"

"The lessons are fun because the teachers are really awesome."

Photos and Videos
90 after-school clubs or activities in any week 35,000+ Books owned and circulated by the Newton Prep library
Encouraging initiative, individuality, independence, creativity and enquiry.
Newton Preparatory School Mission Statement