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Over 640 Number of pupils who currently study at Newton Preparatory School 1991 The year that Newton Prep opened
Our pupils have time, space and freedom for creative self-expression.
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The Newton Bursary Fund

Over 640 Number of pupils who currently study at Newton Preparatory School 1991 The year that Newton Prep opened
Our pupils have time, space and freedom for creative self-expression.

Newton Bursary Fund

First steps

Please read the following information about the Newton Bursary Fund. If, after reading, you feel that your family may be eligible for financial support please contact the school Registrar on 020 7720 4091 ext. 207 for further information.

NBF Means-testing Application Form (to be completed AFTER assessment)

NBF Means-testing Guidance Notes (PDF)


Newton Prep is an inclusive community that encourages applications from pupils from a very diverse range of backgrounds and cultures. The Newton Bursary Fund (NBF) offers means-tested top-up bursaries to entrants to the school, primarily for those entering at Year 3 but, if circumstances permit, also at Years 4, 5, 6 and 7. Candidates will be expected to sit either internal entrance exams or block tests and to produce results in those exams or tests that demonstrate the candidate’s ability to contribute to and thrive in Newton's educational environment, and to benefit from the education that the school provides.


NBF support can extend up to 100% of our day tuition fee, depending on our means-tested criteria. Smaller top-up bursaries are also available for families who are able to make more of a contribution towards school fees. Pupils who are entitled to 100% support may also be entitled to receive support with costs of uniform, text books, travel, music and other extra lessons, and educational visits. A number of our pupils receive some form of financial support.

All bursary support is means-tested annually, and parents who accept means-test top-up bursary places must understand that the level of support may reduce, or even end, if the household’s net income and net assets increase over our stated maxima for financial support. Equally, the level of support could increase if the family’s circumstances change for the worse.


The NBF Trustees require parents applying for means-tested top-up bursary support to complete an application form annually, and to provide documentary proof of income, such as a P60 or self-employed tax return. The Trustees also ask for proof of savings and capital assets, including the value of and equity in the family home and details of monthly mortgage or rental payments. The Trustees assess eligibility based on household income, but will make some adjustment to allow for other dependent children. The cost of living in London will also be taken into consideration. Parents are asked to declare that the information they are providing is both accurate and complete. If the information provided is subsequently discovered to be false or misleading, the NBF Trustees reserve the right to withdraw the means-tested top-up bursary award.

To download a copy of the means-testing application form or PDF of the guidance notes, please scroll up to the top of this page.

Support cannot be assessed without documentary evidence.

The Home Visit

Home Visits Policy (PDF)

The NBF Trustees require a formal visit to be made to the family home of all applicants for bursary assistance before the initial offer of financial support can be made. There are several reasons for this policy:

  • First, it gives the Trustees the opportunity to discuss all the various papers that have been sent to you in relation to your application for financial support in informal and relaxed surroundings so that you understand the system thoroughly. Bursary holders are important to the school. The commitment and support of the pupil’s family is very important to the Trustees and the School.
  • The Trustees need to make sure that both parents or carers understand how the means-testing system works. Every school is different, and at Newton Prep, we want you to understand exactly what contributions you may be required to make on top of your child’s bursary.
  • Papers can be checked and additional ones found relatively easily.
  • Trustees can ask you additional questions based upon your family’s circumstances.
  • The information presented on paper can be seen in its proper context.
  • There is an opportunity to re-assure you, as parents, that the process of allocating financial support will be entirely confidential – known only by the Headmistress, Bursar and the NBF Trustees. 
  • The limitations to the NBF’s financial support can be explained. For example, the support for school trips given to 100% bursary holders (which may be subject to an annual cap) is restricted to trips with genuine educational value, such a Geography field trips and language exchanges, as opposed to the ski trip.
  • The NBF Trustees will ask you if you have also applied for grants from outside trusts or bodies. Any support from a third party will be taken into account in calculating the level of our support.
  • The home visit is concerned solely with the circumstances of the parents or carers. There is no need for your son or daughter to be involved; indeed it is best if they are not present.

For more information, please see the Home Visit Policy.

Over 640 Number of pupils who currently study at Newton Preparatory School 1991 The year that Newton Prep opened
Our pupils have time, space and freedom for creative self-expression.