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Pastoral Care, SEN & Well-Being

Pastoral Care 

High quality pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do at Newton Prep.

All staff endeavour to support the children so that they are able to deal successfully with all matters affecting their academic life and engage fully in the world in which they are growing up. We hope to complement the work of the family in developing children’s awareness of themselves in relation to others and their sense of responsibility. Newton Prep is a happy, safe and caring environment which enables children to thrive whilst also developing initiative, individuality, independence, creativity and enquiry. The children are also encouraged to recognise the diversity of the school and its members alongside the importance and potential of their own efforts.

SEN Learning Development Team

The school’s Learning Development team plays a central role in supporting pupils with learning, behavioural and physical difficulties across the year groups.  Regular screenings ensure that any delay in the acquisition of literacy or numeracy is identified and addressed.  Support may be offered in class, in small groups or individually, to supplement normal classroom teaching.  Multi-sensory teaching forms an integral part of all RU lessons and regular staff in-service training given by the RU team ensures that all teachers in the school are aware of, and implement, such teaching methods within their own classrooms and subject areas.   

If a pupil is diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty, arrangements are in place to notify all teaching staff on how best to ensure that the pupil concerned accesses the full curriculum.  Individual education plans (IEPs) will be drawn up and circulated as necessary, and targets set to measure progress on an individual basis.  The IEPs are reviewed regularly and targets adjusted as appropriate.